CyberLESS Monday

What would YOU do without internet access?

Help more people access the internet and change their lives this Holiday Season.

Now that the holiday season has begun and you plan your after-Thanksgiving shopping on Cyber Monday, we ask you to imagine life if you were denied access to the internet.

How would you shop, work, communicate, or find the information you need without internet access? Having this access is as vital to being part of the economy today as having access to public roads is to personal transportation. Unfortunately, a large number of people across the nation do not have internet access.

Community Tech Network (CTN) offers programs to help communities get connected to the internet and gain critical digital literacy skills. CTN does this through advocacy, direct instruction and partnerships to provide devices.

The CTN Board Members are committing $5,000 as a match for this appeal. Help us reach our goal of $10,000 this week by donating today. The typical gift is around $50, but we’ll welcome any amount that you feel comfortable donating.