Help More Older Adults Access the Internet

Change their lives this holiday season!

The holiday season has begun, and as you plan your after Thanksgiving shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we ask you to take a minute and imagine what life would be like without access to the Internet.

How would you work, communicate with loved ones, find essential information? How might you search and apply for jobs, support your children’s education, access telehealth and online resources? If you're a senior, low-income adult, monolingual immigrant, how would you remain connected and active in a society that is becoming more digital every year?

This holiday season, we are asking you to invest in connection. The internet is no longer a privilege; it is an essential aspect of one’s economic, personal, and social vitality. Like electricity or water, the internet is a public utility that everyone deserves access to. 

Unfortunately, many people across the nation do not have internet access, nor do they possess the skills needed to safely and independently use the Internet.

Community Tech Network (CTN) offers programs to help communities get connected to the internet and gain critical digital literacy skills. CTN does this through advocacy, direct instruction, and partnerships to provide devices. 

By donating today, you could help marginalized or underserved communities fully access the benefits and resources of life online.

Thank you for your generosity!