CTN turns 14!

14 Years of Transforming Lives through Digital Literacy

As we come upon 14 years, we'd appreciate your financial support in helping us continue to transform lives through digital literacy. When you invest in devices, broadband, and training, you make a direct impact on someone’s quality of life. Please consider donating $14 today or making a $14 monthly contribution— it makes a difference!

Fourteen years ago on March 3, 2008, Community Tech Network acquired nonprofit status. But this isn’t how the story begins. In 2001, CTN had its start as a project of CompuMentor (now TechSoup). As a CompuMentor program, CTN thrived as a regional collaboration of informed technology and community empowerment professionals. Between 2001 and 2006, CTN worked closely with community technology practitioners to hold events, accumulate feedback from the community, and develop a series of best practice guides for bridging the digital divide. By 2007, the ongoing need for CTN’s digital literacy work was apparent, and the transition to charitable status was made. 

Since then, CTN has worked hard to create a more digitally inclusive world for everyone— regardless of age, income level, or primary language. Over the years, we've adapted to changing circumstances and new technologies. We've implemented innovative new approaches to our training programs and expanded our reach to new populations. It's been quite a journey, and we are grateful for every second of it!

P.S. Have you checked to see if your employer offers matching grants? Corporations might double or even triple your monthly contribution to CTN. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your impact at no extra cost!