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For 12 years, CTN has been a leader among nonprofits focused on digitally connecting seniors through internet access, appropriate devices, and one-on-one tutoring allowing older adults to live comfortably and safely in a digital world. Now that our daily lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 virus, CTN has found it is no longer "business-as-usual" when it comes to training seniors.

CTN needs your financial assistance to continue providing seniors with internet access, an appropriate device, and the personal training for isolated seniors. Rather than engage seniors in traditional public settings like libraries and senior centers, CTN's new Home Connect program will utilize existing software platforms allowing trainers to remotely connect with the isolated seniors to guide and tutor them through the learning. 

The mortality rate among seniors in their 70's who have contracted the virus is 8%, but for those in their 80's, the death rate climbs to 15%. For isolated seniors lacking the skills and ability to access home internet, the COVID-19 isolation is not merely an inconvenience but a potentially life-threatening situation.  An older person living in isolation may no longer have access to supportive social service network providing meals, transportation, and companionship due to COVID-19 disruptions. Medical appointments may be cancelled, and their groceries and medications may be running low. The isolation manifests fear and depression leading to inattention in following medication regimen and eating regular meals.

Your financial donation will enable CTN to engage selected seniors by providing digital learning in the safe and comfortable setting of their home. A screening process will assist CTN's program leaders in prioritization of potential learners, ensuring we reach those most vulnerable.

Thank you for considering a financial donation to CTN's new Home Connect program focused on protecting our most vulnerable population. 

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