Calamus Fellowship

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Services & Impact

Calamus' Vision

We are Men Who Love and Have Sex with Men, a distinct people, with our own culture, ways of being, and spirit. We believe that, as a people, we have unique and necessary contributions to make.

We envision a world that celebrates our contributions to society and where we actively engage in bringing about change in the broader community.

We envision Calamus creating, inspiring and nurturing the unique spirit, culture, and community of MenWho Love and Have Sex with Men.

Calamus' Values

We believe spirituality is a holistic experience encompassing the whole of our reality.

There is no separation – an hour of meditation is as spiritual as a smile on the street or as the embraces of loved ones or as a breath of air. We believe each person’s unique spiritual path is a journey towards becoming whole, and that wholeness embraces the entire spectrum of experience - suffering, joy, wonder, death, frustration, hope, confusion, indifference, - and that each individual’s experience of becoming whole renews and expands the religious experience of humanity.


We believe faggot-focused spiritual discovery is essential.

As men who love and have sex with men we are connected. It is a connection of shared experience and love; experiences of liberation from and oppression by the dominant culture; loves of comradeship, cocks and cum. We continue to explore the questions posited by our fore-faggots: Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here?


We love and celebrate radical self-expression.

We have special gifts and talents to share with the world and we strive to support each other and ourselves in becoming ever more fabulous. We love the liminal and we pioneer past cultural boundaries. We believe it is important to share our gifts with the world to help inspire more beauty.


We believe in love, celebration, and playfulness!

We treasure the renewing power and beauty of love, nurturing it in our relations with each other and with the earth. We believe sexuality is a sacred gateway to the spirit, every inch of which should be sensually explored. We embrace playfulness and its many magnificent manifestations. We reclaim all forms of celebrations as sacred rites and declare their community-building magick divine.


We believe in community and cooperation.

Our collective spiritual path is towards the continued building of a more equal and loving world that celebrates our contributions. We reject the oppressive values of domination, competition and greed. We believe that by working together can we create a better world and lift each other up to new potential.


We believe in a world with liberty, justice, peace and equality.

We strive to recognize the inequalities of society and work to counter them through awareness and action on economic and social justice issues. We believe in the worth and dignity of each person. We aid, as part of the larger queer movement, in the creation of a world that celebrates the gifts and talents of all queers.


We believe in living in harmony and love with Nature.

We recognize Nature as an eternal wellspring of renewal and spirit and aim to create balance and connection with it. We grow and guard Nature, as we are able, in order to help counter the destruction wreaked upon it.

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