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20 Years of Service

It all started with an electric razor 20 years ago. On that fateful day, Sandy Lehmkuhler stood in an elevator with four combat wounded Marines at Balboa Hospital Medical Center in San Diego California.

A wife of a Navy Officer, Sandy was acutely aware of the injuries of war, so she stopped that elevator and looked the Marines in their eyes and directly asked them what they needed for Christmas, which was a month away. Reluctantly, they explained that due to their injuries and amputations, they helped each other button their uniforms and tie their shoes, but what they really needed was an electric razor – specifically a $60 Norelco Cool-Skin Electric Razor with built-in lotion dispenser.

The next day Sandy approached an on-air radio personality at KFMB 760 AM (now iHeart Media) in San Diego and asked if the station could help raise enough money to provide a razor to each of the 300 combat injured service members at the hospital. The radio station jumped all-in, went on-air with Sandy, and were able to generate $68,000 in donations and the Warrior Foundation was born.

In 2010, with the addition of military transitional housing complex Freedom Station I, II, and its third transitional housing facility in late Summer of 2024, the name Freedom Station was added to the foundation title and became – Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.

Since January of 2004, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station’s Mission is to enable our Nation's Post-911    ill and injured Warriors to live self-sufficient lives through programs that promote recovery, independence and passion for the future. The foundation encourages Warriors to live purposeful and self-sufficient lives through its many high-impact and successful programs including: transitional housing, wellness programs, personal support and ambassador programs.

During the past 20 years, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, has provided transitional housing for more than 120 Warriors; flown home 1,000's of Active Duty Service Members “Home for the Holidays” and flown in families to support their loved ones undergoing surgeries, therapy and recovery; supplied $650,000 in suits and business attire for 1,000+ Active Duty and Retired Warriors to help them transition into establishing new careers; sponsored the military-based Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball Team since 2010; provided outdoor therapy and wellness programs and quality-of-life items for more than approximately 50,000 Warriors.

“We are very proud and honored to be serving our Warriors for the past 20 years,” said Sandy Lehmkuhler, CEO & Founder of Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. “We would not have been able to accomplish so much without the generous support of our donors and business sponsors. They are truly the nucleus of our foundation and the firestorm of giving.”

Watch our video and learn more about the Warriors and the 20 Years of "Hope, Healing and Home" at Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.

Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Overview

The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station enables our Nation's Post-911 ill and injured Warriors (Veterans or Active-Duty) to live self-sufficient lives through programs that promote recovery, independence and passion for the future. The foundation encourages Warriors to live purposeful and self-sufficient lives through our many high-impact and successful programs including: (1) Transitional Housing, (2) Wellness Programs, (3) Personal Support and (4) Ambassador Program.


Freedom Stations I, II & III

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Transitonal Housing for Warriors at Freedom Station I.

In 2011, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station pioneered a new military transitional housing approach with Freedom Station I – a unique residential complex that provides medically retiring Warriors with the acclimation time, guidance, and resources to successfully make the transition from military service to civilian life. Move-in ready cottages (600 sq. ft.) shift Warriors from barracks to independent living; communal spaces (gym, outdoor kitchen, fire pits, seating areas) provide crucial camaraderie during the journey; and qualified professionals offer direction on new careers paths, mentorship and wellness programs. In addition, select units are customized with ADA friendly appliances, countertops, showers and widened doorways for wheelchairs. In April 2023, the foundation began construction of Freedom Station III, a third transitional property (12 units) in San Diego, and with the support of donors, will open in Spring of 2024.


Outdoor Therapy | PTSD | TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) | Cancer Support

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Active-Duty, Freedom Station Residents and Warriors participate in the Outdoor Therapy Program that includes fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, cycling, hiking and golfing. * 

The foundation sponsors and leads group physical activity programs that promote fitness, mental health and cultivates camaraderie through group activities including Outdoor Therapy Programs (surfing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, cycling, hiking, fishing, golfing, etc.). In addition, the foundation provides referrals, emotional and financial support for Warriors seeking medical treatments and mental health therapy from top professionals. Each month, the foundation hosts a Cancer luncheon for Warriors and caregivers to foster and promote fellowship, create a peer-to-peer network, and provide comfort and counsel through treatment or recovery. 


Mentorship | “Dress for Success” | Adaptive Equip. | Emergency Travel | Active-Duty Holiday Travel

Image titleWarrior selects new business attire during "Dress for Success" event. 

Warriors work with professionals who provide career, financial, self-sufficiency and life-skills counseling. The “Dress for Success” program pays for new suits and business attire for interviews and new jobs. The foundation provides adaptive equipment: Ultra-light wheelchairs, modified combat boots with built-in zippers for prosthetic limbs, IDEO braces and comfort items for those in the hospital.  Each year, hundreds of Active-Duty injured Warriors receive flights “Home for the Holidays” and emergency family travel expenses (air, hotel and rental cars) for visiting families who can’t afford it.


Speakers Bureau | Wheelchair Basketball | Athlete Sponsorship | Educational Podcast

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Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball Team composed predominantly of military veterans, sponsored by Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, prepares for tip-off at Brad Rich Invitational Tournament.

The Warrior Foundation created the Ambassador Program, a compelling group of Freedom Station residents, alumni and staff members who strive to “Educate, Inspire and Motivate” their audience by sharing Warrior Success Stories and inspiring others through sports (Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball, Adaptive Sports and Paralympics Athletes), public appearances, motivational speeches, and the Warrior Foundation Podcast that discusses issues that matter in a Warrior’s life.

So, please help Warrior Foundation Freedom Station continue to provide "Hope, Healing & Home" by donating $20 a month to continue to support Warrirors for another 20 years!

Thank you. 

Sandy Lehmkuhler

CEO / Founder, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station

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