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Open Source Electric Propulsion!

Open Research Institute (ORI) is a non-profit research and development organization which provides all of its work to the general public under the principles of Open Source and Open Access to Research.

We have a wide variety of projects in open source digital radio. Amateur Radio and Amateur Radio Satellite directly benefit!

This fundraiser is dedicated to our open source ion/electric engine propulsion work. 

We are working on how to synchronize ion engines to reduce interference with microwave band digital communications by developing a royalty-free patent from George Washington University.

We also do high-bitrate OPUS voice channels, FPGA development for space and terrestrial microwave transponder designs, sounding rockets, DVB-S2 designs, 10 GHz multimedia beacons, regulatory work, and more. 

100% of your donation purchases materials required for prototypes of the application. 

Thank you for helping us do ambitious things!