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Services & Impact

GNOME is built by people. People who are passionate about what they’re doing and care about everyone using, studying, and modifying the technology they are making. The GNOME community is a collection of amazing, inspiring people who come together to do amazing things, to push the project forward, raise awareness, teach, learn, share, organize events, and create the place we call our home within free software. Our community includes millions of people using GNOME as a desktop environment, bringing ideas into the world with GTK, and packaging their apps to Flathub.

GNOME is also supported by our generous network of donors—our Friends of GNOME. Whether someone donates $5 or $5,000, we value those contributions just as much as any merge request. Donations build up GNOME, provide necessary infrastructure, and power new initiatives.

In 2020, donations supported:

  • GTK4 development, including significant advancements in accessibility;
  • Technical and infrastructure support for;
  • Our legal case against Rothschild Patent Imaging, a patent assertion entity;
  • GUADEC, GNOME.Asia, GNOME Onboard Africa Virtual, and the Linux App Summit;
  • Hackfests, including accessibility and GTK hackfests at FOSDEM;
  • A supported instance of video chat software Big Blue Button for GNOME and free software community use;
  • Two internships through Outreachy; and
  • Community and staff training to make the community more welcoming and safe for everyone.

Our plans for 2021 are even more ambitious and involve sustaining our ongoing work while building up new initiatives and support for the growing GNOME project and community. In the upcoming year, we will:

  • Organize GUADEC, GNOME.Asia, Pan African GNOME Summit, and the Linux App Summit;
  • Host virtual social events at conferences like FOSDEM;
  • Have hackfests for teams and working groups across the project;
  • Progress on the Community Engagement Challenge, including announcing the winners at GUADEC 2021;
  • Lead in technical and infrastructure development, including more services for the community;
  • Release two more GNOME editions;
  • Find more opportunities to push forward smaller projects within the GNOME ecosystem;
  • Hire more interns for paid internships in free software;
  • Provide financial and logistical support for people speaking at conferences and participating in events on behalf of GNOME; and
  • Launch new initiatives, including Faces of GNOME, web site updates, new swag, and increased conference participation.

In order to build the future of GNOME, we need people to join us and become Friends of GNOME. To help support our 2021 initiatives, we're looking for 50 new Friends of GNOME to join by January 5, 2021. Every donation helps grow the GNOME project and supports our community.

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