Join us & Celebrate 20 Years of Numi!

Help us provide gardening programs & farm field trips to ALL 14,000 low-income Oakland Unified elementary students

“As Numi celebrates two decades of nourishing people and communities, we invite all our allies and supporters to join us in keeping it real and making a difference.”

On September 27 in Oakland, hundreds of supporters will gather to celebrate 

Numi's 20th anniversary and help raise funds for Numi Foundation's mission of nurturing and empowering communities. We invite anyone unable to attend, or otherwise inspired, to support our campaign to offer organic 

gardening programs and farm field trips to the 14,000 students at every 

Oakland Unified low-income/Title 1 elementary school.

We work in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods of the city, where there are far more liquor stores than supermarkets. So teaching at-risk youth where their food comes from and how to eat healthy is truly transformative and teaches them what they need to thrive.

The program includes free access to our K-6 gardening curriculum, which conforms to state standards and can be used in or after school. We also provide stipends for the instructors and fund a field trip to a local organic farm. Finally, we are launching a youth-led farmer's market pilot program, where the students will learn entrepreneurship and financial literacy as they prepare to play leadership roles in their families and communities.

On behalf of the thousands of marginalized children who will benefit from your support, thank you and please spread the word to help ensure we reach our goal!