Emergency Arts-Education Fund

Keep arts education alive during the shelter-in-place order.

Due to COVID-19 policies mandating social distancing, county-wide school closures across the Bay Area have unfortunately paused our pending contracts for the remaining school year. These programs include after-school classes, assemblies, workshops, and enrichment courses -- all geared toward Hip Hop education, artistic youth self-expression, and culturally responsive pedagogy. As a result of such, the mentor-student relationships between our educators and the youth they serve have been adversely impacted. Additionally, over a dozen of our artists-educators have been hit hard financially because of the performative nature of their trade and mentorship. Many of our artist educators rely on teaching contracts and artist residencies for their livelihood. Most Hip Hop artists in the Bay Area aren’t eligible for unemployment and are grappling with the severe, if not, complete loss of income. As an organization, we believe that empowering local artists and teaching students about Hip Hop is an integral part of keeping arts education alive. 

We are looking to raise $25,000 to continue our mission and serve as a positive outlet for disadvantaged youth, who are now at home and in need of quality educational programming. Your contribution will also help us expand our geographic reach to beyond go the Bay Area, and help our artist educators stay financially afloat during this pandemic. Thank you for your support!