Bravery Is Built, Not Born #MyBraveIs

Help every girl take healthy risks, make mistakes, and discover her potential. Because bravery is just the beginning.

What possibilities exist at the edge of your comfort zone? What potential could you discover if you were willing to risk failure? Half of girls in the US can’t answer this question because they don’t see themselves as brave. At Girls Leadership we are changing that. We are teaching girls to know who they are, what they believe, and how to express it, empowering them to make change in their world. Bravery is just the beginning.

But our girls can’t do this alone. In order to let go of their fears of what people think and push their very comfortable comfort zone, they need us to join them in taking risks, being vulnerable, and maybe even messing up, only to recover and try again. That is why we are celebrating #MyBraveIs, a campaign for all of us to name and proudly share how we are brave, whether it’s small everyday choices like speaking up when our feelings are hurt, saying no, or asking for help, to big choices like careers changes, school changes, and relationship shifts.

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At Girls Leadership, every day we work with not only girls, but the powerful adults that influence girls as well, including parents and parent figures, as well as teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors. In fact, of the 10,000 people who we will serve in-person this year, over 6,000 are adults. When the adult in a girls’ life understands her better, she has a powerful role model for life!

But our work isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap: everything we teach is backed by research, we pilot and test programs before they are launched, and we believe that professional-quality production and evaluation will yield the deepest impact. We serve families across the socio-economic spectrum to ensure that every motivated family and girl has access to the foundational skills and confidence she needs to reach her potential.

To partner in this movement, please invest in Girls Leadership today. If you can make a repeating, monthly gift, this will allow us to make decisions about future programs and content, knowing that we have your support on our side.


Join us to ensure that every girl knows what #MyBraveIs. Enjoy this article from co-founder Rachel Simmons about how to have the conversation with your daughter.

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