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Services & Impact

Originally founded as a coalition of returned study abroad students in Khon Kaen, Thailand, ENGAGE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has grown into a network of individuals and affiliated organizations linked through their involvement in local community-based and social justice organizing. Founded in 2001, much of ENGAGE's past work has focused on international solidarity efforts and economic, social, and cultural rights aimed at strengthening relationships between transnational social movements. Due to our belief that effective solidarity work begins at home, our network has since diversified it’s work. We now emphasize connecting returned students to existing members' community-organizing efforts in the US as a basis for building bridges with international movements and inspiring new and veteran activists in our network. We share a common framework for our work through intentional, goal-oriented communication and group process. This framework informs our organizing and social justice efforts.

Many of our members are non-profit workers, organizers, farmers, students, and alumni of the CIEE-Thailand programs, dedicated to staying connected and continuing to work in solidarity with communities in Northeast Thailand.

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Active Campaigns
Anti-Mining Campaign

ENGAGE is raising money to send 5 Thai delegates (mine-affected villagers and student activists) to attend a tour and international conference in Oaxaca, Mexico, focusing on mining resistance and the protection of basic human and environmental rights.