Aden's families are our families

Help us provide for those displaced by war.

Since the outbreak of war in Yemen earlier this year, no part of the country has suffered more than the southern city of Aden. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in street fighting and bombardment; tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes. With a hostile army advancing, and a naval blockade surrounding the seaport, Aden is now almost completely cut off from the outside world. Local activists are working to respond to the needs of their fellow citizens, and to do so, they desperately need our help!

As is usually the case, women and children are bearing the brunt of this crisis. Those who have been displaced by fighting have had to flee their homes without even the barest necessities; host-families who have taken in the displaced are stretching already meager resources to make do. To help ease this burden, House of Light--a local nonprofit dedicated to fostering positive change in Aden's communities--is planning to provide aid packages to 1,000 displaced women from the city's hardest-hit districts. You can help provide clean clothes and essential hygiene products for a woman in need for just $30!

All donations are tax-deductible, and are processed by the Yemen Peace Project--a US-based, certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization--on behalf of House of Light in Aden.

Thank you for your support!  With your help, we can make a difference now!

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Want more information about this initiative? Download House of Light’s full assessment report here.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: The YPP isn't a humanitarian relief organization. Why are you doing this? Are you qualified?

A: Although humanitarian relief is not one of the YPP’s core programs, the organization has a history of mobilizing resources during acute crises. In 2011 and 2012, we worked with House of Light to provide emergency assistance to families displaced by the conflict in the southern province of Abyan. During Yemen’s popular uprising of 2011, the YPP was the first foreign organization to send funds–raised from YPP supporters in the US and Europe–to the field hospitals that treated wounded pro-democracy demonstrators. In 2012, the YPP held a Ramadan fundraising campaign to help local activists feed needy families in San’a and other cities. We’re one of only a few American organizations with contacts on the ground in Aden today. And most importantly, the YPP isn't implementing this project ourselves; we're raising money for the extremely-qualified folks at House of Light, who can't easily raise money in the US without our help.

Q: Yemen's banking system is in ruins; how are you getting the money you raise to Aden?

A: We're using cash transfer agencies (MoneyGram and Western Union) to send the money we raise to our partners in Aden. This is the same method we've used for several years to deliver emergency aid and to pay our own staff in Yemen, so we know it works. Right now, many of Aden's MoneyGram locations are still operating, along with one Western Union location. We're keeping a close eye on the situation.

If you have any other questions about this initiative or about the Yemen Peace Project, please contact us at