#ShareYourColors - 2018

Crayons belong in children's hands, not landfills.

THE CAUSE: The Crayon Initiative 

More than a half-million pounds of broken crayons are discarded every year, turning into a waxy sludge that clogs our landfills and never biodegrades. 

The Crayon Initiative (TCI) collects used crayons from restaurants, schools and homes across the country, then melts them down and remanufactures them. The recycled crayons are then distributed to children’s hospitals across the U.S. helping young patients to alleviate anxiety during their hospitalization by providing a creative outlet for self-expression. 

THE CAMPAIGN: #ShareYourColors (April 2018) 

In the spirit of Earth Day, individuals and businesses alike will join forces during the month of April in support of TCI. This collective effort will help keep crayons out of our landfills and into the hands of hospitalized children.