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A crisis of demolitions is underway in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and in Israel.  In Gaza, hundreds of thousands are in barely-liveable homes. We know from experience what it takes to prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes, and restore Palestinian neighborhoods — we ask for your support.

Rebuilding Alliance is an American 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing equal rights for Palestinians through education, advocacy, and support that assures Palestinian families the right to a home, schooling, economic security, safety, and a promising future.  Our life-affirming vision is to realize a just and enduring peace in Palestine and Israel founded upon equal rights, equal security, and equal opportunity for all.

'To do something big
— to think globally and act globally —
one starts with something small and one starts where it counts.'

— Oxford Prof. Nabeel Hamdi

Since our launch in 2003, Rebuilding Alliance has been amplifying the voices of peacemakers and their communities. Together we are a significant voice for recognition of planning rights, village-centered building, the lifting of the blockade of Gaza, humanitarian aid, and human rights.

Here's some of what Rebuilding Alliance does:

U.S. Movement to Safeguard Palestinian Communities

We're working to keep Khan al Ahmar and Susiya standing and to recognize Palestinian planning rights.  We're working to open the blockade of Gaza.   Rebuilding Alliance's advocacy program focuses on constituent engagement by using action alerts to connect activists with members of Congress. By working quickly to provide accurate information obtained directly from communities, lawyers representing Palestinian villages, and human rights organizations, we give Constituents all they need to email their Senators and Representatives to request intervention on their behalf. As soon as you email,  we follow up by scheduling conference call briefings with Congressional offices, inviting constituents to join to express concerns and raise questions.

In early February, 2019, Rebuilding Alliance brought children from West Bank villages facing demolition, and from Gaza (we got their visas!) to address Congress. We've found this to be a remarkably effective way to provide Senators and Representatives with the information and encouragement they need to take action to prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes and schools and press for the opening of the Gaza blockade.

Gaza Emergency Relief Appeal

There’s hunger in Gaza. As of January 31st,  all US Government humanitarian aid to Palestine stopped. Gaza’s children and families are left in cold, barely livable shelters, without food or medicine, in the dark due to blackouts every

16 hours.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Rebuilding Alliance is adding warm clothes, tarps, and baskets of food and powdered milk to the solar light aid to Gaza’s children because co-existing problems require holistic solutions. We get it through the blockade: RA successfully delivered solar lights to 35,600 children in Gaza, and food for 200 families so far.

Rebuilding to Remain

Rebuilding Alliance worked with Al Aqaba villagers to design affordable homes and then crowd-funded to build the first three. As those three families moved in, another four families finished their homes. Now, 16 more are in construction and we’re working with Al Aqaba’s Housing Association to develop an affordable construction loan program, the first in so-called Area C, to help them finish. This will be a model for Palestinian affordable home construction throughout the West Bank’s Area C.

Collective Song: A Music Center to Make Hearts Sing

A talented intern at Rebuilding Alliance believed music can heal. We are delighted to report that the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music is partnering with Rebuilding Alliance and has been sending two teachers  to Al Aqaba Village to instruct 41 children on violin, viola, and cello! Can we bring them on tour to the U.S.? We hope so.

A thriving community is measured by the health of its children, the ease of their parents, a growing economy and protection of human rights.  Please support our work.

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