#FearlessLegacy Rally

We’re going to change the way people face cancer.

Update: Since kicking off this rally, our fearless Founder, Matt, has crossed the finish line. His obituary can be found here. Rest in love, Matt.


We know all too well: cancer is unpredictable. Our Founder, Matt Ellefson, was in his 8th year of living with late stage lung cancer. He was thriving - yes, thriving with cancer! – and feeling great: exercising, eating well, symptoms mostly under control. His beloved organization, SURVIVEiT, was doing well, he was mentoring patients, and one day he went in for a "routine" procedure.

Things changed quickly.

After learning that the cancer progressed and now facing a number of other challenges, Matt has decided to focus his time with his loved ones and his health. SURVIVEiT recently named a new Executive Director, Joy Rusthoven, to lead the organization and keep operating as usual. 

This is typically the time of year we're ramping up for our largest fundraiser of the year:  the Art & Soul Gala. Due to the circumstances mentioned, we will not be able to host the event this year.

But this is Matt's legacy, and millions of people facing cancer need these tools to access the very best in cancer care. It's time to rally.

Because we are a nonprofit organization (501c3), we depend on the donations of generous donors like you to help fund our mission. What exactly are we trying to do for cancer patients?

We're going to change the way people face cancer. Our vision is a world free from the fear of cancer. We are survivors helping patients, and we're striving to reach patients and caregivers within 72 hours of a diagnosis. This is the most critical time in the cancer journey. 

We want every cancer patient to have access to an accurate diagnosis, the most effective treatment strategy by today's standards, and access to best in class resources to live with and through their disease. With the right knowledge and tools, fear begins to fade.

Patients must advocate for themselves, but most don't know how. SURVIVEiT can help.

Starting right now, you can make a donation on this page to the #FearlessLegacy Rally. 

Please consider donating $10/month, which provides 10 cancer patients with the resources they need to face cancer fearlessly. 

Together we will create a world FREE from the fear of cancer.Image title