Radiotopia Fall Campaign 2017

We completed the fundraiser with 23,502 donors!!!

We made it!
With your help, we surpassed our goal of 20,000 donors!

We couldn’t have done it without:

RadioPublic, Tom Romer at Chop Shop who designed the merit badge stickers, Steve Bercu (this fundraiser’s first donor), the team at Commit Change, the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, and PRX.

But most importantly, thank you, our amazing community of Radiotopia Citizens.

Special thanks to our Radiotopia Super Citizens: Steve Bercu, Sherrelyn Anderson, Robert Baxley, Doug Blair, Chelsea Blink, Adam Canham, Eric Cooper, Lisa Duchon, Jean-Marc Duong, Zoe Gagnon, Andrew Glen-Young, Dawn Gross, Jess Gupta, Erez Harpaz, Cindy Jacobs, Marcus Jager, Bill Jennings, Ron Johnson, Melissa Jones, John Kelley, David Kirsch, Danny van Leeuwen, Ian Leighton, Paul Masck, Max Miller, Michael Newcomb, George O'Toole, Colin Parrish, William Post, Lynn Rosentrater, Armin Samii, Kana Sethu, Deborah Smyth, Tim Snowhite, Jennifer Stoloff, Christopher Vandemore, Alex Villari, Angie Vorhies, and Andrew Whalley.

Radiotopia Show Merit Badge Stickers

New and existing donors will receive all stickers that are unlocked

Radiotopia Citizen Patch, Embroidered

Radiotopia Citizen Patch

Radiotopia Zag Socks (2-Pack)

Radiotopia Zag Socks (2-pack)

Radiotopia Camping Mug

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Radiotopia Shirt

Radiotopia Shirt

Limited Edition Rewards

Limited Edition Rewards

A special thanks to our friends at RadioPublic for supporting this year's fundraiser!


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