#EmptyShelf Campaign

It's time to fill Bay Area bookshelves. Too many children are waiting to empty them!

UPDATE:  WOW! We have passed our initial goal with 2 weeks remaining in our campaign. But why stop here? There are still thousands of children and families with empty shelves - let's fill them with joy, with love, with books.

We are so inspired by your generosity that we've doubled our goal.
Let's give Bay Area families the gift of reading
- the gift no one can ever take away.


An empty shelf is a powerful symbol.

For some, an empty shelf is a sad reminder that many families living in under-served communities have no books to share with their children. In fact, research shows that 61% of low-income families do not have age-appropriate books in their homes - putting them at risk of beginning school behind their more affluent peers. By third grade, half of Bay Area children are unable to read at grade level. When children are unable to read at grade level by third grade, they are four times more likely to drop out of high school; those without diplomas are seven times more likely to be persistently poor as adults.

For others, an empty shelf means the books are in kids' hands! A daily book-sharing routine can have a great impact. Joyful experiences of sharing books together help children develop a love of books and learning that not only strengthens family bonds, it also supports a children's social and emotional development. Reading just 15 minutes every day helps build the essential early literacy and language skills that are critical to school readiness.

You have the power to change outcomes
for thousands of Bay Area children! 

Make a donation to Tandem's #EmptyShelf campaign today to get age-appropriate, multicultural books into the hands of the children and families who need them most. Your gift ensures that families have access to the books and resources they need to make the most out of every book-sharing opportunity. 

It's time to fill Bay Area bookshelves...
because so many children are waiting to empty them!

Please consider making a gift in an amount that is meaningful to you. It's only through the support of friends and donors like you that we are able to do the work we do every day. Help us ensure that an empty shelf means that books are in kids' hands, being shared and enjoyed again and again with the people they love most.

Interested in planning a legacy gift or making a gift of stock?
Please contact Julie Barton at julie@tandembayarea.org or 510-296-5462.

Share this campaign with your friends to help us meet our fundraising goal by December 31st!  Click the links above to share via email, or share on social using #EmptyShelf. Thank you for your support!