The Time is Now

Every gift moves us forward!

My Friends,

We hope this finds you well and safe wherever you are. We are living through an unprecendented event in American history. But we believe, and have faith in, those around us. We know we will move forward together and weather this storm.

We usually raise over $100,000 in the last few months of the year, which is desperately needed even in the best of times. Social Distancing protocols have forced the cancellation of the Spring Gala and many of the other ways that support is received. This puts UPT and its mission in jeopardy. Will you make a gift to make sure we can continue serve our kids and families?

Thank you for your response at this critical time. It is deeply appreciated. We know that everyone is facing many challenges at this time. Your choice to support UPT inspires us to embrace our mission with even deeper passion.

We choose to move forward with the understanding that we are all connected. We believe the unalterable love of God is all powerful and have faith that, together, we can do what we cannot do alone.

Be well,

Melissa Mantz

Executive Director

Does your employer have a matching gift process? Please email Eric at with information on how to process that matching gift and he will make sure that happens. Thank you!