100 Sustaining Donors in 100 Days

Help us reach our goal to receive an extra $10,000 from the Payne Family Education Fund

Become an Art Venture and invest monthly in our mission to provide

"Arts for All." 

The Payne Family Education Fund has pledged to award Upturn Arts with a

$10,000 donation if we can meet the challenge to sign up 100 NEW monthly donors in 100 days (from August 9th through November 17th).

Here are a few Upturns and achievements for 2022:

  1. Provided programming to over 800 Nola Youth 
  2. Awarded $100,000 in financial aid 
  3. Launched a teen leadership cohort 
  4. Initiated the creARTive staffing agency with 20 professional artists
  5. Offered 1,500 hours of arts instructional time

When you become an art venture, your donation is ongoing until you say otherwise.  Your credit or debit card will automatically be billed each month. You will receive a tax letter every January.