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Helping those Affected by Gun Violence Heal through the Arts and Activism

For more than two decades the Washington Highland community has experienced continued gun violence. This violence has had a devastating effect on the community, especially on the emotional and mental development of the children/youth that are living there. The Child Welfare League of America is among many groups who emphasize the emotional toll of violence on young children:

The TraRon Center uses creative arts to help community members in impacted areas deal with the emotional and mental trauma of gun violence. We do this through non-traditional counseling sessions and creative arts. 

By becoming a friend of the TraRon Center your:

$25.00 gift allows us to buy journals for our Journaling to Inner Peace session. 

$50.00 gift allows us to purchase art supplies for our Artful Healing.  

$100.00 gift supports a survivor to survivor group sessions.

$200 gift supports one on one counseling sessions for adult and child. 

$250 gift supports fifteen 15 children to participate in Artful Healing. 

$500.00 gift supports two (2) families to participate in Artful Healing 

$1,000.00 gift supports five (5) individual session  

Your financial support will provide a much needed direct service to a community that has been impacted by generational violence for decades. Please accept my gratitude for your donation toward this worthy cause.

All donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor East of the River Clergy Police Community Partnership. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email

Yours in Service,

Ryane B. Nickens, M.DIV.