REACH Newtown End of Year Giving 2018

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Who does REACH Serve?

REACH serves over 200 children in Newtown and throughout the greater Danbury area with four programs that include a one-to-one mentorship program two days per week, a tutoring academy that serves  academically at-risk children four days per week, a weekend outdoor expedition program and a summer camp throughout the months of July and August.

Continuing to make a profound impact on young people’s lives!

REACH is dedicated to continually monitoring and measuring their impact on the children and community they serve! The information REACH collects not only confirms that they are making a difference in the community, but allows REACH to make informed decisions that improves programming and makes the work they do more efficient and effective

Our Mission: 

Continuing to Connect Kids with Caring Adults and High School Mentors To Build Consistent Relationships that Positively Change and Redirect Lives

Image titleProviding over 150 hours of 1-1 mentorship

throughout the entire school year

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Providing our highest risk population with

6 weeks of free summer camp 

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Providing kids with 240 weekend hours to unplug and get outside throughout the entire school year!  

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Providing a safe, fun and predictable space for kids to do their homework, have a healthy snack and exercise after school four days per week throughout the entire school year.

10 Amazing Reasons to Support REACH

  1. REACH provided 210 days of free youth programming in 2018 and have even more program days planned for 2019!
  2. "REACH gets results, and they can back it up with data, personal stories and in the very regard in which they are held by the school administration. This program works and it is our pleasure to contribute to those efforts."   - Major Donor
  3. Short-term, single focus interventions have generally not been shown to be effective. In addition to their four core programs, REACH believes in cultivating the whole child by also providing support in the home, school and community.
  4. “Being involved in your program, you have saved some of our kids! Thank you so much!” — Newtown School Administrator
  5. Adolescents and teenagers who attend quality afterschool programming and youth development activities are 3x less likely to skip class, drink, smoke, use drugs and take part in risky sexual activities.
  6. “Our directors and staff consistently embody the kind of vigor, compassion, and integrity that REACH Newtown strives to cultivate in the young people in its care.” - REACH Board of Directors’ Chair, Luke Forshaw, Ed.D.
  7. Children who have 90% attendance or better at REACH show a significant increase in academic achievement, positive school behavior and school attendance.
  8. “We are so thankful for all the great work you do. REACH is so powerful and far-reaching. I don’t know who benefits more; the mentee or the mentor.” — Parent of REACH Mentor
  9. Students who meet regularly with their mentor are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school, more likely to thrive now and in the future and less likely to engage in at-risk behaviors.
  10. Our child literally went from being this shy, unconfident, scared, nervous little boy who struggled horribly in school both academically and socially to four years later being a confident, strong, loving more outgoing young man who loves school, has friends and academically is doing better then we could have ever imagined he would! We owe so much to REACH, it is a one of a kind program that we have seen work first hand.” — Parent of REACH Mentee

REACH is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID Number: 46-0849304