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Close the Digital Divide in the Bay Area

Every day, whether you know it or not, you walk alongside people struggling to access the power of the digital world. The roughly 150,000 people on the far side of the digital divide in our San Francisco Bay Area all have different stories. Some never had access when they were in school, others are old enough that it wasn’t part of their education in the first place. Young or old, they all need and deserve to understand, use and benefit from the resources of digital knowledge. Whether the opportunity to learn how to complete an online job application, enjoying the wonder of seeing family in another country via Skype or just not needing to call your cousin to figure out how to answer an email, everyone deserves to be a citizen of the 21st century!
Your donation to Community Technology Network helps power a locally based, volunteer driven nonprofit located right in San Francisco.
An organization dedicated to making sure everyone in the Bay Area has the chance to build that understanding, develop those skills and access the digital universe.
In dozens of community centers, libraries, and affordable housing projects, Community Technology Network empowers thousands of people every year. Please send your gift today. All of our trainers and their students are counting on your support.