Super Stars Back to School!

Students Reach for the Stars with Super Stars Literacy

Hello Education Allies!

    Every childhood starts differently and the early years matter. Some have the extra hands to lift them and help them soar, while those in poverty have to walk on their own with less agency. The children who grow up without resources around them need us to step up and care. Low-income students who cannot read at grade level by the third grade are far more likely to drop out of high school and need a program like ours to step in.

    As a daughter whose parents are post-Vietnam escapees, I know first-hand how difficult it is for our students to use their voice. Forced to speak Chinese at home, I quickly fell behind learning English. I was in Oakland, sharing a bed with 5 others, and afraid to speak at school. It was not until the third grade when I learned how my words mattered. A volunteer at my elementary school (not unlike an SSL Group Leader) came to me during our free-write time and said my story was amazing. Our students’ minds are brilliant, but they must have the confidence and tools to express and speak for themselves. In order to do that, we must teach them how to use their voice.

    Since 2008, Super Stars Literacy has impacted thousands of students in schools across the East Bay. We have seen students who were shy to speak English grow into self-advocating individuals. We have seen 2nd graders who could only read at a kindergarten level, grab a book and read in front of class. Our focus on literacy and social-emotional skills are vital in a child’s early development, especially those in underserved areas. Through our program, they find the strength to be more than what is expected of them. Our mission continues to grow with the support from you, our staff, and those who know success starts with reading. We know that their future shines even brighter, and just as our name suggests, we are creating the Super Stars of tomorrow!