Help Oakland Readers Shine!

Students Reach for the Stars with Super Stars Literacy

Hello Education Allies!

Students are headed back to school and our community has the opportunity to help #OaklandReadersShine! Super Stars Literacy has partnered with Oakland schools for over a decade delivering data-driven literacy tutoring and social-emotional coaching to students who need it the most. 

I can’t help but smile when I remember the faces of my students on their first day of service. I recall meeting Leandro, a 2nd grader who’s family had just emigrated from Portugal. He was a wild boy who already spoke two languages but had only just begun to learn English. Then there was Ya’Nae, a natural leader who never let her confidence waiver, despite her literacy struggles. And I could never forget Caden, a little boy with a small voice who took our social-emotional lessons to heart and made it his duty to check in with his classmates in our after-school program. These experiences are made possible through your support and dedication to our program and our community, along with the solid and intentional training provided to our AmeriCorps members.

I invite you to support Super Stars Literacy and help get us off to a running start this school year as we seek to jumpstart K-2nd education to build strong readers and lifelong learners who can SHINE like the Super Stars they are!

With pride in our service,

Evan Robinson

Development Manager

PS - Be sure to share with friends and family to help young readers turn into tomorrow's leaders! #OaklandReadersShine